Summer Time Mason Jar Freshie

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This Listing is only for 1 Turtle Freshie! 


This is a handmade car freshie/air freshener made to order. These are made to hang from your rear view mirror in your vehicle but can also be used in a variety of places such as a closet, drawer, bathroom. I use the top of the line premium beads and fragrance oils only. I can make these in just about any color of the rainbow all the way from your primary colors, to your pastels to your neon's. These are great for gifts to family members, friends.  If you have any questions, just send me a message and I will be glad to help!

***all colors may vary and with that being said they have variations. I can not guarantee your color will be perfect, and with that said I will not refund or exchange items.

Warning-When using these in a vehicle or anywhere that can get excessively hot, do not lay them on a surface. Also, if you use a window/windshield sunshade In your vehicle, make sure the car freshener does not get caught in between the sunshade and window, the excessive heat can cause it to melt and stick to a surface. Make sure to park in the shade, and face away from the sun. 

Due to some oils being colored, white and light colored freshies may not be exact. Please keep this in mind when choosing your coloring.